+Carrying you to new places+

My goal with Maiook is to inspire you to go outside and make your own adventures.
Whether you’re roaming the streets of a faraway city or exploring your home town new experiences can be found anywhere. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration, a little nudge to see them.   
I hope my work inspires you to go out and experience something new.

+What I do+

I make bags. Sturdy, dependable and built to last waxed canvas bags designed to carry you through adventures of your daily life.

I see bags as our trusty companions on life's many journeys. Our perpetual sidekicks for days at the park, afternoon coffee dates, and seeing our favourite bands play at the club. We wear them, use them, pack them, toss them, and drop them. We mark them with stories. Stories of places, people, experiences.

For Maiook bags to handle all that and more, I strive to make the best bags I know how. No skimping. No cutting corners. Not on production and not on materials.
Each Maiook piece is designed, made and shipped out from my workshop in Kranj, Slovenia.

I share a lot of the behind the scenes, about how I design products and run Maiook in my blog.

+In for the long haul+

If it breaks, I’ll fix it. That’s a promise.


+How it all started+

Maiook started in 2012 with an ‘origami’ pouch and a domestic sewing machine and soon grew into a collection of handbags with distinctive hand stitched folds and faux leather bottoms.

In early 2018, after years of honing skills, learning from mistakes, name change and a rebrand, I felt it was time for a considerable change. I wanted to start moving from man-made materials and at the same time expand my collection into bags and backpack that would tag along on my adventures. It was during my search for materials that I fell in love with waxed canvas, a durable and rugged fabric that would allow me to create sturdy and long-lasting bags.

October 2018 marks the start of a new adventure - a launch of waxed canvas bags and backpacks.

+Mindset matters+

I believe in buying less but better.
Product quality and product integrity are paramount.
Preserving traditional artisanal and manufacturing techniques is important.
Form follows function.
I believe in hard work and honing skills.
Strong coffee and great music can save the day.
People come first. Always.

+The face behind the brand+

Hi, I'm Maja. It’s nice to meet you!
I’m the brain, heart and hands behind Maiook. Most days you’ll find me in my workshop with a cup of coffee sewing, making and designing. I love traveling and I have a never-ending list of places I want to visit. I’m music and podcast enthusiast and I’m always looking for new ones to listen to. Words to live by: create more, travel more, live life fully.

To join me on my adventure head over to my blog and sign up for my newsletter.