Maiook products are shipped to addresses all over the world.

Orders can be shipped via Slovenian Priority Airmail (Standard Shipping ) or DHL (Express Shipping). All orders will be sent with a tracking code which you will receive in the shipping notice. Please note that some countries do not update tracking information and do allow 24 hours for the shipping status to update. 
If you are at any point concerned about the delivery of your item, please do not hesitate to contact me at so I can make an official inquiry at the postal service. The official inquiry can take some time.

For shipments outside of the EU: to comply with international laws and help minimize the possibility of problems as your package goes through customs, we include basic information about the products you ordered and the full value of your order (minus shipping cost) on the shipping label. This practice may also help expedite the customs process to get your order to you as quickly as possible.

Estimated delivery times:
USA: Standard Shipping 10 - 16 days (usually 14 days, but things can delay to 16 days)
Express Shipping 1 - 3 days
CANADA: Express Shipping 1 - 3 days
EU: Standard Shipping 2 - 7 days 
Express Shipping 1 - 2 days
AUSTRALIA: Standard Shipping 14 - 21 days
Express Shipping 3 - 5 days

Please note that sometimes shipping delays are unavoidable due to customs, weather, holiday season. Thank you for understanding.


Prices do not include customs fees, import taxes, duties, tariffs or other charges.

Each country has its own laws and regulations. We cannot predict or estimate customs charges, taxes or tariffs that may apply to your order. It is your responsibility as a customer to pay these fees or to contact your country's appropriate authority to discuss such fees. These fees are determined by your local authority. We have no control over or involvement in collecting these fees.

If you have any questions or need any additional information feel free to contact us at


Primary international shipping and handling costs are charged based on the weight of the package.

Shipping costs do not include customs fees, import taxes, duties, tariffs or other charges.



Vsi izdelki bodo odposlani v roku 3 - 5 delovnih dni od sprejema naročila. V primeru, da to zaradi kakršnihkoli razlogov ne bi bilo mogoče, bomo kupca po sprejetju naročila obvestili o kasnejšem roku dobave.

Prevzem izdelkov na sedežu podjetja ni mogoč.


Stroški pošiljanja veljajo za dostavo na poštne naslove v Republiki Sloveniji. Vse pošiljke bodo poslane priporočeno s Pošto Slovenije. Navadno so pošiljke dostavljene naslednji dan, v nekaterih primerih pa v največ treh delovnih dneh od dneva ko vas obvestimo, da je paket odposlan.