I live in a world that's ripe with enthusiasm, wanderlust and curiosity. I say "yes!" to impromptu road trips, exploring new cities, and taking the side roads. "Yes" to picnics on the beach, bike rides across the fields, and campfire coffee. That passion for adventure ignited a creative spark that led to the creation of my Maiook bag collection.

Bags are our trusty companions on life's many journeys. Our perpetual sidekicks for days at the park, afternoon coffee dates, and seeing our favourite bands play at the club. We wear them, use them, pack them, unpack them, toss them, and drop them.

That’s why I make bags the same way they used to make them: sturdy, dependable, and built to last. From making sketches, drafting patterns and making samples, every step in the design and construction of each Maiook bag is done by hand with a keen eye trained on the details. Each day in my workshop, I blend beauty with durability, and I'm confident that we don't have to sacrifice one for the other.

Maiook is my grand adventure and an outlet for exploring my creativity. My goal is to create products which remind you that adventures can be found everywhere. And if my bags inspire you to go out and experience something new, then I’m a happy camper.

Favourite bag: origami messenger
Best thing about my job: constantly learning new things and that I get to listen to music while I work
Current favourite on my playlist: Arcade Fire
Favourite drink: coffee anywhere and everywhere
Next adventure: Norway

If you have any questions, want to say hello or know of a place I should visit or a band I should listen to, send me an email. I love email!

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Maiook je slovenska znamka torb in modnih dodatkov. V naših izdelkih se prepletajo tradicionalne tehnike in klasični vzorci z modernim uličnim stilom.

Vsi izdelki so izdelani v manjših serijah iz skrbno izbranih kvalitetnih materialov.

Vsaka Maiook torba je zasnovana in ročno izdelana v Kranju, Sloveniji.